Voga Mobilya - Just Imagine

Voga Furniture 2019 collection was met with customers in all stores. Dining room, bedroom, tv groups, from the carpet to the accessories have been designed to the finest detail in the collection of 2019.

Voga Furniture in response to the intense demand of youth room, has introduced new products to its customers. Considering the demands, design and R & D teams have worked continuously for one year to to appeal wide range of design and color taste.

Voga creating living spaces since 1979. Voga using fine craftmanship and special techniques to produce youth room, dining room, sitting groups and bedding rooms... Voga Furniture bringing Lake materials specially from Italy and using special techniques when handling the product with robots in the performing procedure.

Voga Difference

Voga Furniture with the brand that it created, adding new stores to meet the demands both local and internatioanl. Voga offering all the quality aspects as a standard and always having the right proud of achiving its goals.

After opening new stores in Turkey Voga started to give service as one of the biggest store of its own in Russia and Azerbaijan.

Voga Mobilya's professional design team creating living spaces that can satisfy customer demands. Voga also offering new unique design, aesthetics and comfort to feel people happy to live in their living places.